Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hello world!

Every city in the world has its gems: restaurants, bars, hotels or B&Bs, tiny cafés, beautiful corners and sights that are truly unique.
For visitors to the city, these are often hard to find.

Now, while many people seem happy to just visit the standard and well-known attractions you find in any travel guide, some of us are looking for something special, wherever we go.

I love places that are original and inspiring, with a great atmosphere or a peculiar decor, where you can meet interesting people, sample honest food and scrumptious drinks, discover authentic local dishes or wonderfully exotic cooking. Likewise, every city has a number of hotels or B&Bs that spark our imagination, guarantee a unique experience and leave lasting memories. 

This blog is about those places. I will mainly focus on my home town Ghent, with regular excursions when I'm travelling. And who knows to what other adventures this might lead...

Feel free to email me with suggestions, or to share experiences or pictures of your own.

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